Unmasked with Crab Fat!

IMG_4382A short story of mine – a slightly awkward New Journalism-inspired piece – is up online at Crab Fat Literary Magazine.

Unmasked! is an expose of the long-since retired superhero as he at long last reveals his true identity to the world.

I’m quite pleased with this piece, but I’ve been sitting on it for a while. It’s such an odd little number that it’s been hard to place with a publication. (Naturally, a magazine called Crab Fat seemed the logical solution.)

Author: Ashleigh Kay

I have lived previous incarnations as bookseller, bureaucrat, filmmaker, zinester, student, and wayward traveller but currently spend most of my time in fictional worlds, only some of my own invention. I am currently obsessing over romantic comedies, putting together some perzines, writing a second murder mystery dinner party, GMing a D&D 5e campaign, and crocheting dice bags for fictional characters. I live and work in Surrey, BC on the unceded traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples, with my partner and a very fluffy cat. (She/her)

2 thoughts on “Unmasked with Crab Fat!”

  1. Great piece. Felt like you knew the old boy yourself. Great names for the villain – Dr. Hydrogen / Samuel Sherkov. The whole thing felt like the tip of an iceberg. Well done.


    1. Thank you so much! I really, truly appreciate that you think it felt like the tip of an iceberg; that is definitely what I was going for! I wanted there to feel like there is so much implied but unsaid. Thanks again 🙂


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